Starry Starry Night


In the freezing depths of December, wandering around in the bitingly cold night air to enjoy special winter ‘illuminations’ is all the rage in Japan.  The biggest display in Mie is at Nabana no Sato (なばなの里), a flower park near Kuwana (桑名).  Over 7 million LED bulbs were used in this year’s display to create spectacular nighttime scenes including two ‘tunnels of light’ (above) and a giant ‘screen’ on which an ‘animated’ light show is shown (below).  The illumination season runs until the end of March, with the added bonus of cherry blossoms in the final weeks.  For more information check out the Nabana no Sato home page here. Hate to think what the daily power bill to run this is.


Mt Fuji makes an appearance on the ‘screen’.


Lakeside illuminations.