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June 27

Vintage Car Rally, Japan.

A vintage car rally of yesteryear came to Tsu recently.  La Festa Primavera was a three-day rally from Nagoya to Kyoto that attracted many stunning vintage cars from Japan and overseas. For more details, check the offical event page here:     

June 23

Hong Kong by Day

Out and about in the midst of Hong Kong’s daily hustle and bustle.    

June 02

Derby Day, Japan Style

Photos from a day out at Tokyo Racecourse on Japan Derby Day.    

April 22

Mesmerising Macau – Gallery 1

While in Hong Kong, I hopped across to Macau to see the whilwind of change that has engulfed this tiny enclave in the 17 years since my last visit in 1997.  Despite the casino boom, swathes of the old city remain quite untouched, though the gaudy gold tower of the Grand Lisboa Casino is never far from […]

April 15

Hong Kong by night

Exploring the streets of the city that never sleeps, Hong Kong.    

February 26

Yokohama by night

A nighttime stroll through Yokohama’s Chinatown down towards Yamashita Park.

January 28

Industrial Japan – Yokkaichi, Mie.

Photo gallery of Mie’s industrial heart.

December 14

Little star of Bethlehem

I’ve lived in Tsu for more than four years now and I had no idea that tucked away down the side-streets in the next suburb was a glorious 100 year old church that looks like it was plucked from the American Midwest. There’s even a tale of trial and tribulation to go with it’s existence […]

December 09

Sights on a Saturday stroll – Akogi, Tsu

A look around my local neighbourhood in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.

November 29


The annual yabusame, mounted archery, festival at Tado Taisha, a small shrine in far northern Mie Prefecture.

October 29

Just dance!

Photos from the dance competition at this year’s town festival in Tsu, my adoptive home town here in Japan.

October 23

Eat. Pray. Race?

Amidst all the hubbub that springs forth when the F1 teams and fans roll into Suzuka every year for the Japanese Grand Prix, there’s a small and very fortuitously named Shinto shrine nearby that reckons it’s got the inside running on influencing the race result.   ‘Ema’ (絵馬) are small wooden prayer plaques sold at […]

October 15

Taiko in Tsu

The ‘Tsu’-grown duo Tsu Ise-kumi (津伊勢組み) returned this year to again open the Final Stage Anotsu Yosakoi Competition (a traditional team dance competition – see my earlier Yosakoi post) at the Tsu Festival. Flutist Kusafuka Masafuji (草深 晶藤) and taiko drummer Tanaka Yoshihisa (田中 嘉久) have been putting on their high energy performances together since […]

August 12

Yodogawa Fireworks

The 25th Yodogawa Fireworks (なにわ淀川花火大会) on the Yodo River in Osaka.

July 26

Lanterns for lost souls

Mitama Festival at a Shinto shrine in Tsu, Mie Prefecture.