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December 17

Starry Starry Night

In the freezing depths of December, wandering around in the bitingly cold night air to enjoy special winter ‘illuminations’ is all the rage in Japan.  The biggest display in Mie is at Nabana no Sato (なばなの里), a flower park near Kuwana (桑名).  Over 7 million LED bulbs were used in this year’s display to create […]

November 23

Bolt from the blue

I’ve previously said that Tsu and Mie are on the cleaner side, environmentally speaking by Japanese standards, but I didn’t think the centre of Tsu was this clean.  Recently, I stopped by Tsu Castle to check how the autumn colours were progressing.  It’s one of the best places in Tsu to see them even though […]

October 08

Red October

Though by calendar reckoning, autumn has been with us for over a month, these glorious amaryllis lilies (higanbana – 彼岸花) herald the arrival of the ‘business end’ of autumn here in Japan.  They bloom around the Autumn Equinox and when they disappear, so do does the green of summer begin to wane.  The cooler nights […]