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June 19

Tsuyu – a time of neglect

Tsuyu (梅雨literally plum rain) is what the Japanese term their rainy season.  It is my least favourite time of year over here.  If seasons were siblings, tsuyu would be the black sheep of the family; the one no one likes nor even wants to have hanging around. So far this tsuyu has been on its […]

March 17

One year on

Today’s post has nothing to do with cycling. March 2012 marks one year since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and resultant tsunami laid waste to most of Japan’s eastern coastline, especially across the Tohoku region. One week after the anniversary I found myself in Kobe, the scene of Japan’s previous major earthquake, the Great Hanshin Earthquake.  […]

March 15

On the cabbage trail

Most recent lesson learnt: When a March weather forecast predicts low wind speeds, don’t trust it as far as you can throw it. Though spring has arrived the wretched winter winds just won’t take a hike.  As promised by Yahoo Weather, Sunday was a perfectly sunny day with not a cloud in the sky.  Being […]

March 01

Spring stirs

Last Monday brought with it 2012’s first propper adventure.  The day dawned perfectly clear and the wind decided to take a holiday.  Looking out at such a perfect day from my workplace was too much too bear.  I gave myself an early mark after lunch and took to the road. Destination – the Kumozu River […]