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August 31

Summer heat beater

July 26

Lanterns for lost souls

Mitama Festival at a Shinto shrine in Tsu, Mie Prefecture.

July 12

Pick blueberries. Get a free watermelon.

Check out Berry Bliss on Mie is Cool! for the details on how to visit Tsu Blueberry Farm. For a country with such a futuristic, industrialised image, my best experiences in Japan keep happening on farms. Two weeks ago, I rode past a sign advertising a come and pick your own blueberries experience. A short […]

July 08


Tanabata is the star festival. Held this year in Tsu City on July 6th, children write their wishes on strips of brightly coloured paper and tie them to freshly cut bamboo. Here in Tsu they decorate a small bridge in the middle of the city turning it into a multicolour bamboo forest. Wishes can be […]

June 23

Rainy season = hydrangeas

Hydrangeas at at Kazahaya-no-Sato in Hisai.

November 23

Bolt from the blue

I’ve previously said that Tsu and Mie are on the cleaner side, environmentally speaking by Japanese standards, but I didn’t think the centre of Tsu was this clean.  Recently, I stopped by Tsu Castle to check how the autumn colours were progressing.  It’s one of the best places in Tsu to see them even though […]

November 11


Add crowds, a plethora of food stalls and pumping music to a riot of colourful costumes with a dash of city pride, and what do you get?  The two days of fun times that is the Tsu Matsuri (祭 – festival). Tsu might be a small and very quiet town, but, come the long weekend […]

October 19

Stone Mountain

Want to see a place that is a combination of hundreds of years of work in Tsu?  Well you’re in luck. Just make sure you have a set of wheels, be that two or four. A senior co-worker first told me about an interesting mountain tucked away in north-eastern Tsu (closer to Shiroko and Suzuka […]