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December 09

Japan’s best garden by night – Kenrokuen, Kanazawa.

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December 02

Autumn colours in Japan

  The last of this autumn’s fiery show.      

November 11

Shirakawago – Japan’s ‘hidden’ mountain villages

Cut off from the world for centuries by formidable mountain ranges and harsh winters, the tiny villages of Shirakawago and Gokayama have managed to hang on to their traditional way of life into the 21st century. Today, these villages are the only places in all of Japan where the traditional ‘gassho style’ farm houses still […]

December 04

Autumn in Mie, Japan

October 19

Stone Mountain

Want to see a place that is a combination of hundreds of years of work in Tsu?  Well you’re in luck. Just make sure you have a set of wheels, be that two or four. A senior co-worker first told me about an interesting mountain tucked away in north-eastern Tsu (closer to Shiroko and Suzuka […]

October 08

Red October

Though by calendar reckoning, autumn has been with us for over a month, these glorious amaryllis lilies (higanbana – 彼岸花) herald the arrival of the ‘business end’ of autumn here in Japan.  They bloom around the Autumn Equinox and when they disappear, so do does the green of summer begin to wane.  The cooler nights […]