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June 11

Glimpses of Hokkaido’s Industrial Past – Around Sapporo.


March 03

Abandoned railway – Takedao, near Kobe & Osaka

Train buffs and hikers alike can follow the old abandoned JR Fukuchiyama line for six kilometres through the Mukogawa Gorge (武庫川渓谷) in the mountains between Osaka and Kobe for a nostalgic adventure into Japan’s industrial past.  The trail runs between Takedao (武田尾) and Namaze (生瀬) Stations on the new JR Fukuchiyama Line which runs from […]

January 28

Industrial Japan – Yokkaichi, Mie.

Photo gallery of Mie’s industrial heart.

December 09

Sights on a Saturday stroll – Akogi, Tsu

A look around my local neighbourhood in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.