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March 03

Snow Day

The heaviest snow fall in Mie for many years turned my little town into a silvery world just for Valentine’s Day.

January 28

Industrial Japan – Yokkaichi, Mie.

Photo gallery of Mie’s industrial heart.

November 14

Never too old

Dancer at the Ise Festival, in Ise-shi, Japan.          

July 12

Pick blueberries. Get a free watermelon.

Check out Berry Bliss on Mie is Cool! for the details on how to visit Tsu Blueberry Farm. For a country with such a futuristic, industrialised image, my best experiences in Japan keep happening on farms. Two weeks ago, I rode past a sign advertising a come and pick your own blueberries experience. A short […]

March 12

Bring on the blossoms

Originally posted on Mie!:
Spring has arrived and with it so too has blossom season begun.  While the world famous sakura (桜 – cherry blossoms) steal top billing every year, the first blossoms on the scene are the plum blossoms.  More colourful and sweetly scented, mid March is their peak season.  Two top places to…

February 26

A sugary obsession

Winter in Japan might mean many things to many people – snow, skiing, having to wear far too many layers of clothing just to stay vaguely warm. But to me it means just one thing: strawberries. Japan is more than a little strawberry obsessed. There are umpteen different varieties ranging from the enormous Bijinhime (Beautiful […]

November 23

Bolt from the blue

I’ve previously said that Tsu and Mie are on the cleaner side, environmentally speaking by Japanese standards, but I didn’t think the centre of Tsu was this clean.  Recently, I stopped by Tsu Castle to check how the autumn colours were progressing.  It’s one of the best places in Tsu to see them even though […]

October 01

Neighbour-less again

Peering out their living room window over the fence, a wife calls to her husband, “Honey, that greenie neighbour of ours has gotten himself a buzz cut and now he’s saying that he’s leaving town for eight months.  I think he might be on the run. Should we call the police?” Not an unreasonable response, […]