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April 07

The majestic Northern Japanese Alps – Toyama, Japan.

A most incredible view of the grand Northern Alps of Japan, seen from the beach at Amaharashi in Toyama Prefecture (雨晴市、富山県).  

March 10

Silvered by snow – Kenrokuen, Kanazawa.

There’s just something magically timeless about a traditional Japanese garden blanketed in heavy snow. With the new shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo commencing services this weekend, this garden will be just 2.5hrs from Toyko!

January 27

A White New Year

The towns along the Sea of Japan around Fukui and Kanazawa welcomed in 2015 with more than enough fresh snow. Happy Year of the Sheep everyone! Look forward to plenty more posts this year on Inaka Biking now that I’m back on deck with a new laptop after my faithful Sony Vaio Z decided to […]

December 19

Early winter sunset at the lake


March 03

Snow Day

The heaviest snow fall in Mie for many years turned my little town into a silvery world just for Valentine’s Day.

February 20

Blue Sky Day in Hakuba

A postcard-perfect day at Hakuba Iwatake Ski Field, high in the Japanese Alps.  Aside from sublime scenery, the enormous Iwatake Ski Field offers plenty of runs for all levels of skiers, including this complete beginner. This area even hosted the Winter Olympics in 1998.  If you’re keen for some prime powder time this season, Hakuba […]

November 30

He’s back!

My gorgeous little kingfisher pal from last winter has returned to Tsu Castle Park for another winter.  Here’s to better photos to follow when he eventually gets used to the sound of my shutter and lets me get just that little bit closer.

February 26

A sugary obsession

Winter in Japan might mean many things to many people – snow, skiing, having to wear far too many layers of clothing just to stay vaguely warm. But to me it means just one thing: strawberries. Japan is more than a little strawberry obsessed. There are umpteen different varieties ranging from the enormous Bijinhime (Beautiful […]

March 15

On the cabbage trail

Most recent lesson learnt: When a March weather forecast predicts low wind speeds, don’t trust it as far as you can throw it. Though spring has arrived the wretched winter winds just won’t take a hike.  As promised by Yahoo Weather, Sunday was a perfectly sunny day with not a cloud in the sky.  Being […]

February 23

Setsubun (節分)

This year’s adventures kicked off on what’s officially known as the last night of winter according to the Japanese lunar calendar.  Setsubun, February 3 this year, celebrates the coming of spring. On this night, people throw roasted soybeans around their houses to drive away evil spirits and ward off bad luck for the coming year.  […]